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November 14, 2016 /

Planning and launching a profitable Direct Response Marketing campaign can be a challenging and stressful job. Many details require close attention, and here is the undeniable truth:
In today’s incredibly cluttered and competitive environment, you need a truly great marketing message more than ever before. However, it should truthfully represent what follows behind it: the prospective and actual customers’ experience.
Here is a different expression of this idea in this anonymous poem for advertisers:


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October 31, 2016 /

Emotional Advertising starts with your prospect, not your product. So your first job is to get to know your ‘ideal’ prospects and develop real empathy for them. We’ve all heard the old saying about “walking a mile in your prospects’ shoes” and today, more than ever; this is what you must do to get a maximum response.
In this blog post, I will help you understand your “ideal prospects” like that back of your hand but…
Before I reveal this jealously guarded secret, let’s talk about “why” you need emotional advertising if you want your business to thrive instead of just surviving…


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October 24, 2016 /

When it comes to content marketing, you’ve probably heard this old expression…“Content is King” may be an overused cliché, but in fact, it is 100% true. If your content is crap, then people don’t care what you have to say or offer them. And why should they?

People will judge your business on the quality of the content you put out. So if it’s low quality, you’re screwed, and you’re not going to make any money from your online presence.

However, if you have a good content marketing strategy and you deliver useful information, then you’ve got a very good chance of attracting your ideal customers. That’s why you need to be focusing on creating good quality content that’s engaging and most importantly delivers value to your target audience.



October 17, 2016 /

Take 5 minutes to read this refresher on the fundamentals of lead generation, and you will be happy you did! – Because over the next couple of blog posts, I will show you how to generate your own highly targeted leads on demand.

But first, let’s get the big elephant out of the room. This is shocking but true…

You simply cannot survive or grow without new customers; that’s a fact. You’ll never have the security and peace of mind if you cannot confidently and profitably create a steady flow of new customers anytime you need them.


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October 3, 2016 /

In the previous post, we talked about the importance of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). So if you don’t have a USP for your business right now, I recommend you get comfortable, read this post and get ready for a real game changer.

Because in today’s post, I am revealing three simple and powerful exercises you can start using right now to correct or avoid this deadly marketing mistake.


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September 26, 2016 /

This marketing mistake is one you may be making with every advertising and marketing dollar you spend. Over the next couple of blog posts, I’m going to reveal, some simple but powerful exercises you can apply to correct this costly marketing mistake.

Also, for those of you who want to take corrective action, I will include a list of key questions to help you simplify the process. But first let me answer a question that’s probably on your mind right now:


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