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Effective, efficient and profitable direct response marketing tips for smart, ambitious and ethical business owners. Money-making and freedom granting advice for entrepreneurs who understand the importance of investing in marketing – and see the value in getting leads, converting leads into sales and nurturing existing customers so they’ll keep coming back again and again.


This blog is nothing like the typical ‘me too’ marketing websites out there, and that’s mainly for two reasons:


One: because I was never too excited about “blending in.”


Two: I am not trying to convince people like you why overpriced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and me-too-ish, easily ignored and very forgettable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are the solution to all your marketing problems.


Many glorified sales reps out there want to make you believe that SEO and PPC is all it takes. While SEO and PPC could potentially offer several benefits, we need to keep in mind that these promotional tactics cannot be a stand-alone strategy, because they rarely carry the self-sufficient horsepower that direct response marketing can.


That being said, please rest assured that I will not pester you with emails and phone calls, like the ones probably get almost every other day from the good “ole SEO Guys,” Yellow Pages or Yelp reps trying to sell you whatever they can.


In fact, if you are – as I hope – very interested in making sure that your marketing efforts generate measurable Return On Investment, then I urge you to get comfortable and ask not to be disturbed so you can finish reading this short introductory message. Because the information you will find here IS that important! It is vital information that you NEED to know!


However, one quick thing before we get into the meat of this blog – What’s Direct Response Marketing Anyway?


I am not going to give you a university textbook definition of Direct Response Marketing. Nor, by the way, I intend to provide marketing advice conforming to academic business plan or marketing plan standards, or the sort of thing you put in a fancy binder to show the banker.


We will be working on your business here, not trying to impress anybody, or get a passing grade from some professor, who has never created a profitable customer relationship in his tenured life.


So, my workmanlike definition of Direct Response Marketing is:


Knowing how to think about your audience’s behavior to trigger a specific, measurable and direct response from your target audience to your marketing message.


Direct Response Marketing is more of an art than a science – harness it and you’ll have no problem positioning yourself as the ‘Go-To Guy or Gal’ in front of a responsive audience.


So, in case you came expecting regurgitated SEO/PPC tips, glitchy SEO software or bloated “How To” videos filled with random chatter, I’m sorry to disappoint.


Instead, I’m giving you the pure raw meat! My objective is to equip you here with many of the basic, fundamental most reliable marketing success factors.


These are the same marketing success factors I use as a consultant to help clients craft or recraft the most powerful message possible for their products, services or business. They also help them choose the most suitable media and use the most appropriate methods to get their message to their most valuable market.


Your objective should be to put these success factors together into a plan for getting the right message to the right people via the right media and methods – effectively, efficiently and profitably.


Some business owners’ have a poor thinking of marketing investments. Most try to reach out and get customers as cheaply as possible, and with that cheapstake thinking rule out a lot of the best opportunities.


The very first thing to understand is that the comparative costs of different ways of marketing are completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. It is the comparative return on investment translated into net profit that matters.


Every week I will share content to help you answer some important questions about your marketing:


  • Is your marketing built around the most powerful,  persuasive, intriguing, compelling, fascinating message possible? (Or is your message ordinary, plain vanilla, just the facts or very forgettable? Or worse still, just about cheap and lowest price?)

  • Have you determined precisely who your message should be for? And figured out how to put it in front of them? (Or are you a vague generality, for anybody – and thus for nobody? Are you trying to be noticed and heard by a crowd far greater in size than your resources match?)

  • Are you wisely investing in the most appropriate media for delivery of your message to the prospects in your chosen target market? (Or are you using media because everybody else seems to be or because a salesperson pushed you into it or because is the way you have always operated? Note: different media are better for different business and different target markets at different times.)

  • Is your marketing effective and efficient? ( Or are you choosing the easiest or the simplest or the most efficient means out of laziness or ignorance or “too busyness” or in surrender to stubborn employees or poverty consciousness and cheapstake behavior?)

  • Are you accurately measuring the true, net return on investment for each marketing investment? (Or not? perhaps guessing? Or carrying around options not verified by facts?)

If all that sounds too complex for you as a small business owner, think again. I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but every missed opportunity and every wrong decision made have big consequences.


The single most impactful action you can take right now is to continue to educate yourself about these powerful skills. So, you can either apply these strategies in your marketing campaigns. Or confidently make the right decision, if you feel the need to hire a consultant or marketing agency.


Well, there you have it. I hope this introductory message gives you a good idea of what to expect from this blog. And a little food for thought regarding your marketing. Obviously, if you’re a seasoned marketing expert/business owner, you may have already known most of the points covered in this page.


Either way… once again thank you for visiting my blog! Here is to your success, so you can get the happiness, freedom and business growth that you so richly deserve.




Tony Aveiro