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The Truth About How To Use Emotional Advertising To Attract A Flood Of Your “Ideal” Prospects

Emotional Advertising starts with your prospect, not your product. So your first job is to get to know your ‘ideal’ prospects and develop real empathy for them. We’ve all heard the old saying about “walking a mile in your prospects’ shoes” and today, more than ever; this is what you must do to get a maximum response.
In this blog post, I will help you understand your “ideal prospects” like that back of your hand but…
Before I reveal this jealously guarded secret, let’s talk about “why” you need emotional advertising if you want your business to thrive instead of just surviving…



Here’s Why You Need To Understand Emotional Advertising…


Simply because you cannot survive or grow without new customers, that’s a fact. You’ll never have the security and peace of mind if you cannot confidently and profitably create a steady flow of new ideal customers anytime you need them.


By understanding Emotional Advertising, you can cut through the clutter and hit your prospect’s sweet spot and get him or her to read your message. It’s not easy breaking through this clutter. We’ve all got our own worries and own concerns … the last thing a prospect is doing is waiting around for you to sell her something.


But Emotional Advertising can really ram home your message and get it read. That’s why it’s vital you use emotionally charged copy in every sales piece. For now, forget about your product’s features, benefits and your unique selling proposition (USP).


Don’t concern yourself with these things just yet. In the beginning, this means nothing. It’s only after you thoroughly immerse yourself in your market can you then tie your product’s features and benefits into the wants of your market.


If you don’t know what you market wants you’ll be playing a game of blind archery. You won’t know what benefits to highlight in your copy.


You’ve got to know the…


  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Wants
  • Desires
  • Fears
  • And frustrations of your market…


Then and only then you can emotionally sway them to buy into the benefits of your product. Here’s a statement by

Robert Collier from The Robert Collier Letter Book that’ll help you clearly understand this concept…

Emotional Advertisement









This comment, written many decades ago, sums up the essence of Emotional Advertising. In short, it begins with the prospect, not your product.


Here’s what YOU really need you to get…


People are WEIRD… yes, maybe even you. We are a seething mass of emotions. We’re emotional creatures… not logical beings. We have all these emotions bottled up inside us, controlling our thoughts and actions. It can get messy.


Imagine, someone says something wrong to you…what happens?


You Get Angry, Hurt and feel a ton of emotions running through your body


These emotions block out any logical thinking. (Important to keep this in mind.)


Emotions override the logical part of your brain. You don’t think clearly when all of these emotions are running rampant. You just can’t think logically. As a marketer, you’ve got to understand this. And as a marketer, this is good news for you.


Put it this way. Imagine someone offends you. Says something that puts you down and you take it personally. Think back to a time this has happened to you.


How did you feel?…Can you feel those emotions now?


Or what about the first time you fell in love? How did it feel? 1 mean, you only had to look at this special person and you were flooded with emotions right?


Talking to this person made you feel light headed, delirious, happy, wild, engulfed in so many emotions your head starts spinning.


And the voice…WOW! You could listen to it for hours… you dream about that voice and hang on every word! And notice how they say you’re falling in love. Falling is just the right word to use, isn’t it?


So we’re emotional creatures. From the sophisticated CEO on the 70th floor to the janitor in the basement when it comes to emotions…We all got ’em. It’s just that some of us are better at hiding them (hint: men).


Now, if you know what your prospects are feeling, you’ve got to somehow get in there, stir these emotions up, bond with them, bring up those feelings and relate them to your product… align your product to these feelings and emotions and solve the prospect’s pain with your product.


Is it manipulation? Maybe. But if you’re selling a product or service that will genuinely solve their pain, cure their problem, or give them benefits that will truly enrich their lives, then it’s your God-given right to make sure they buy.


And if you’re selling crap; wake up to yourself and find something you can be proud of to sell!


Robert Collier also said…


emotional advertising and direct response marketing


This one sentence above is the launching pad for Emotional Advertising… and how you can emotionally sway your customers and prospects to buy from you now.


If you can’t do this, if you can’t emotionally tap into your prospects’ predominate thoughts, you haven’t got a chance of winning.


Because you haven’t hit them with what’s on their mind all the time. Your prospects just won’t read your copy. Everyone is so busy and you’ve only got a fraction of a second to hook your prospect.


To be able to do this effectively, you’ve got to know your market inside out. You see, psychologists have discovered that all of us walk around carrying on endless conversations with ourselves.


It’s a never-ending chatter that occupies us. And these conversations are frequently interrupted… a dog barking, a telephone call, someone at the door or maybe even your sales message!


If your message doesn’t hit them emotionally, if it’s boring and wimpy and fails to interrupt this conversation, then you lose your money… it’s that simple.


Get clear on this…You Are NOT Selling Your Product…


You Are Selling The Feelings, The Emotions Your

Prospects Will Feel & The Benefits They’ll Get

From Acquiring Your Product!


There’s a BIG difference between the two…


Remember the old advertising slogan that says: “You’re not selling drills, you’re selling holes.”


Now I agree with that totally. But with Emotional Advertising you’re selling more than holes. You’re selling how the customer is going to feel once the hole is drilled.


Maybe the hole was needed to fix this guy’s baby’s cot so it’s nice and safe. Maybe it’s for fixing up the deck so he can enjoy some cool drinks with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Emotional Advertising means more than just benefits… it means how your customers are going to feel about these benefits.


Can you see the difference now?


Here’s An Example…


Say you’re selling a diet product. Your ideal prospect is overweight, married, in her forties with three kids.

What’s her life like? What does she feel? What has been her experience with diets in the past?


Some answers…


  • She’s tried dieting in the past and hasn’t been able to stick with it.
  • Her self-image is low.
  • She feels unworthy, unhappy and doesn’t feel good about herself.
  • Really wants to lose weight, really wants to feel good, really wants to have enough energy to play with the kids and she really wants her husband to look at her in that special way, the way he looked at her when they first got married.
  • Wants to feel loved and cherished.


She’s a seething mass of emotions!

These emotions that are running rampant through her are very real and very strong. These are her predominant emotions that she lives with, day in and day out. This is what’s on her mind from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed.


And the thoughts that are going through her head are all negative…I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m ugly… well you get the idea.


So if you’re selling a diet product, you’ve got to get in there and rattle her cage and bring those emotions up and tie it into your product.


Now, you do that with benefits, sure, that’s what you do. You turn features of your product into benefits. That’s copywriting 101… and that’s good… but you can go a hell of a lot further! Simply connect the benefits to the emotions and feelings she will feel once she achieves her desired results thanks to your product or service.


Example with benefits and emotions…


“Don’t Hide Away This Summer…

Lose 10 Lbs. In 5 Weeks Guaranteed!”


“Look Great, Feel Great…

Lose 10Lbs. In 5 Weeks Guaranteed!”


These kinds of headlines give the prospect benefits but also tap into how she is feeling. Because that’s what’s on her mind. That’s what she is thinking about. “I would love to go to the beach, but I’m too fat. ” She’s embarrassed and hides away.


Plus, in my copy, I would stress how she is going to feel once the weight is shed.

Because it’s all about her… not the weight but how’s she’s gonna feel when she’s lost it. It’s all about her.


I would bring up how she can now fit into that sexy little black dress she used to wear that’s been stuck in the back of the wardrobe for years… how she can go buy some new bathers because she’s heading to the beach this summer.


I would let her imagine how she’s gonna feel when she gets all those admiring looks down at the beach, how she’s going to feel when she starts turning heads as she struts confidently down the street.


Can you see the difference?


Instead of just telling her she’s gonna lose weight fast, you make her see her new reality, you make her feel her new reality! You tap inside her secret desires and bring them into reality!


Remember You Are NOT Selling Your Product…You Are Selling The Feelings, The Emotions Your Prospects Will Feel & The Benefits They’ll Get From Acquiring Your Product! — It’s all about your prospect! Once you understand this powerful concept it will much easier to launch a profitable lead generation campaign.


But…we’Il get into the specific foundational details of how to do that next post

Tony Written by:

Tony Aveiro is famous for crafting wildly profitable direct response marketing and digital promotions for local businesses and entrepreneurs. His sought-after advice is known to skyrocket sales, profits, goodwill, and brand loyalty...without being remotely “salesy.”

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