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When it comes to content marketing, you’ve probably heard this old expression…“Content is King” may be an overused cliché, but in fact, it is 100% true. If your content is crap, then people don’t care what you have to say or offer them. And why should they?

People will judge your business on the quality of the content you put out. So if it’s low quality, you’re screwed, and you’re not going to make any money from your online presence.

However, if you have a good content marketing strategy and you deliver useful information, then you’ve got a very good chance of attracting your ideal customers. That’s why you need to be focusing on creating good quality content that’s engaging and most importantly delivers value to your target audience.



If you are like most of my clients, students and readers…You’ll probably agree with them when they say:


It’s…very difficult to get started writing good content…I mean where do you even start?


How do you even know what should be in the content or what to write about?


Most people believe that content marketing is all about being a great writer…and that’s not the case


You don’t have to be an English professor or Shakespeare to write a quality blog post. What if I told you it didn’t even matter if you were a non-native speaker (I know this one for a fact).


Now, here’s the god news…it’s much easier than you think!


Here’s the deal:


Over the next few blog posts, I will share with you proven ways to easily get started (and finished) writing content quickly and effortlessly EVERY TIME.


As long as you are delivering value and providing answers and solutions for your ideal customers…your content does not have to be perfect!


I follow and love blogs from people who are:

    • Writing in English even though it’s their second language.
    • Dyslexic and struggle to string a sentence together.
    • Pretty poor writers who can’t write coherent sentences if their lives depended on it…But I still love them.


WHY?…Because they are real!


They put their real character into their posts. They talk from the heart, and I can relate to them. So even though it might not be the best-written content in the world it connects with me.


So now you’re probably thinking… “ok that’s cool Tony but how do I start writing?!”


Like this:


To put your ideas into words literally just start writing as you speak. Write down as if you were speaking to a friend. When most people read content online, especially on a blog, they don’t want to read academic style essays or award-winning works of literature.


They want to read something that sounds like it’s coming from a REAL person. Not a robot, an academic theorist or Shakespeare for that matter. So just start writing in the way you think and speak. It’s totally natural and will flow easily.


Even Ernest Hemmingway famously said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” So if it turns out a bit rough round the edges, you can edit it later.


Here’s a basic content marketing guideline you can follow…


Attention Grabbing Headline – this is the only thing that 100% of your readers will read so unless it grabs them by the eyes and pulls those in you’re not doing yourself any favors.


Opening paragraph – it should start off by showing you understand their problem (the one you’re about to talk about in the content), then hint that you have a solution for it and finally follow up by
telling them EXACTLY what you’re going to show them. When done right this keeps your audience engaged and reading as they know you’re going to solve their problem.


Main points of the article – then you’ll list out the main points you want to make in the article and show how they solve the problem the reader has. Be sure to use benefit-driven headlines to keep
them reading. Throughout the article, you should include references, stats, quotes from experts, links to other resources, click to tweets, images and more if you want to create the best possible topic you can.


Conclusion – conclude what you’ve just written about in the article and how it solves their problems.


Call to action – a call to action telling them what to do next, i.e. buy your product. Sign up for your list, comment or share on social media.


Your content should always have a higher purpose. Derek Halpern created a great infographic on this topic here


Use this article outline every time you want to write content, and you’ll be able to get started easily, get the content written quickly, and the article finished and ready to go.


On the next blog post, we will talk about “the type of content you can create.” These are all proven content types that readers love!


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Tony Aveiro is famous for crafting wildly profitable direct response marketing and digital promotions for local businesses and entrepreneurs. His sought-after advice is known to skyrocket sales, profits, goodwill, and brand loyalty...without being remotely “salesy.”

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