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Dear Friend,


In just a moment I am going to “bare my soul” by telling you a couple of deeply personal stories about my life. As I relate them to you, I will do far more than tell you about my success as a Direct Response Marketing Consultant. As a prelude before jumping right in, I would like to agree with you on one thing: Many of us experience life-altering events that in big part make us who we are today. These experiences may be challenging—daunting; but it is entirely up to us to overcome those obstacles and later turn them into positive learning experiences that promote individual growth.


I should know…


My name is Tony Aveiro. During my early childhood, I lived within the heart of South America: Paraguay. My family had built a three-story home in the country’s capital, Asuncion, where my siblings and I lived comfortably thanks to my parents’ hard work and dedication. My parents were well-respected community members. My Mother, a general manager for a prestigious local bank, was my hero. Her dedication to her family and career inspired me as a child. My Father, a man who commanded respect, was admirably direct, honest, and hardworking.


My siblings and I grew up in an environment that stressed entrepreneurial education and creativity. My father encouraged each of us to follow our dreams. Unfortunately, while he was a terrific father, he was not the best business person in terms of protecting himself legally. I will never forget him gathering the family together and telling us, “We have to move; we are being forced to give up our home due to a lawsuit for simply, innocently loaning the neighbor his business’ truck. I vividly remember my father’s shame and humiliation.


The lush, green grass and the beautiful eucalyptus trees that surrounded the property were no longer ours. The house, which featured five bedrooms, a family room, men’s parlor, “Atari room,” and an indoor pool where we escaped the stifling heat called summer did not belong to us. It felt like in a matter of seconds everything my parents worked for was gone.


However, I’ve got to give him credit for it. That man had a sickening drive, work ethic and unparalleled determination! In a way, I was happy for my Dad, since he was able to recover financially within the next 14 months or so, but sadly, it was too late because sometimes is not all about money.


This unfortunate turn of events was the beginning of a relatively “rough” childhood for me; not only, since I grew to dislike bread and milk with a passion since that was too often the evening meal, but also, shortly after, my parents got divorced and my mother became very ill. Two days after my tenth birthday, I found out that mom’s health was getting worse, and there was little we could do to help her, we wanted to ensure that she lived comfortably in her last moments. Honestly, I was devastated.


That day, my mom grabbed me by the shoulders and said: “never, ever give up my son; it does not matter how hard things get, we are going to be OK. If you promise me to be strong, and that you will always find the way to turn every negative into a positive learning experience, I promise to get you a super cool present later today. Do we have a deal?”


Well…what do you think I said? I had no choice but to shamelessly accept her loving bribe. Somehow I managed not to cry, but I couldn’t help it… my eyes got teary, and I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a long shaky hug and said, “Yes mom I promise never to give up.”


A few hours later my mother called me back into her room. While pressing a loving kiss to my forehead, she handed me a parcel. She gestured for me to open it, and not wanting to disappoint her, I did. Tearing away the gift-wrapping, I saw a sliver of red and gold. Bound in a laminated cover was a comic book. Not just any comic book, but an Iron Man comic. The comic book inspired my career path. I was totally immersed in the crime fighting comic, and when I was nearly midway through “The Invincible Iron Man” I came across a man almost as cool as Tony Stark: Charles Atlas.


Charles was a brilliant Italian-American bodybuilder born in Acri, Calabria, Italy, on October 30, 1892. Charles turned to bodybuilding after moving to the United States. He partnered with a Direct Response Marketing genius and pitchman Charles Roman to market his weight-free “Dynamic-Tension” program in the 1920s, creating a lucrative mail-order business that made Atlas a household name.


They came up with an impactful theme: “Skinny Kid Gets Sand Kicked In Face, Comes Back a Giant.” This great old standby that made Charles Atlas a very rich man. We all know the story. The skinny guy at the beach with his girlfriend is embarrassed when the big guy kicks sand in his face. So he works out (on what Atlas was selling) then comes back and gets rid of the bully. He’s now the kind of guy women love and guys envy. It’s a brilliant theme!


Without even noticing, I was reading every one of his Ads in every single comic book that I could get my hands on. And here is why…unlike the all other advertisers on the last page fighting to get attention, Charles was doing a terrific job using editorial marketing to sneak in his comic like advertisement pieces within the main content. Needless to say, Charles’s Ad generated an immediate direct response from me.


I ran over to my mom’s room and begged her to help me order Charles’s free book, “10 Steps To A New Body – How Dynamic Tension Can Make YOU A New Man.” The strongman died on December 24, 1972, in Long Beach, New York, though his legacy remains alive. Back then, I was too young to understand it, but that was my first exposure top-level direct response marketing, and I loved it.


Thanks to my parents’ guidance, motivation, and these humbling life experiences, I grew bright and smart on my feet with a strong drive and fiercely committed to achieving my goals with a never give up on my dreams.


Fast-forward 23 years later…


Two years before getting out of the US NAVY, I got into real estate investing, and things were going well until the economy hit us in late 2008. Like many other small business owners, I was constantly pulled in twenty directions putting out fires. When the economy got rough, I found myself just too busy being busy and failed to stay on top of the things that were truly important like my health, family and friends. Among those important things were the marketing needs of my businesses.


Particularly in that time when digital marketing was embracing some significant changes (similar to the Google changes you are probably experiencing now) – So I decided to hire a digital marketing agency to assist with the website, SEO, lead generation and promotions in general. Anyway…I remember that they were not delivering the results we needed, and that drove me to ‘dissolving’ our relationship with the digital marketing agency doing our SEO at the time. Sure enough…Within 24 hours, all websites, directory listings and social media properties were taken down, and we had nothing to show for our money.


And then it hit me. Call it fate, call it destiny, maybe even karma, whatever it was, it didn’t matter … all I knew was THIS WAS IT! As hard as it maybe for me to admit it…It just happened to me! Almost the same thing that happened to my father 23 years earlier! Not identical, but in big part…because it happened with my digital assets.


Can you imagine what would happen to your business if you lose all your digital assets and online presence in 24 hours? Let me tell you…it can get lonely very quickly. Trust me; I know, as a business owner, I was there once, and I know the feeling when the phones are too quiet and zero web inquiries coming in.


That was my breaking point! I just wanted to invest money in marketing to get more predictable sales in return without the fear of going through the same ordeal again. So…In need of transparency and accountability of my own marketing structure and strategy, I invested time, effort and a lot of money in education and hands-on training with some of the best marketers in the world to make sure nothing like that would ever happen again.


Before I knew it, just after a couple of years I was able to develop a strong passion for solving complex marketing problems. The result of my passion spoke for itself! People around me started asking for strategic marketing advice, and then referrals quickly started rolling in.


Now I am proud to say that I am a leader in my industry, work, and life. It is all because I genuinely know what my purpose in life is. It is to use my core competencies to help my clients, friends, family, and all those who I come into contact with to reach their highest potential. It is to help launch their dreams and improve the quality of their businesses and lives.


I want to invite and challenge you, with great affection and respect to think about this question…What’s your definition of leadership?


You see…at the beginning of my leadership discovery journey, as a marketing consultant, I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my brain cells around this new idea of leading without a title. The old model of leadership really states that you need a title to be a leader. You need to be an MBA, Ph.D., CEO, President, millionaire, Harvard graduate and have this incredible background that justifies your leadership positionWe are in an entirely new era, not only in business but also in humanity. There is so much disruption in technology, society, geography, and the environment. Modern times call for a modern way of thinking.


I’m no academic theorist, but I have started, built, bought, and sold a handful of my own businesses that were in different fields. I am always up for something entrepreneurial. Furthermore, I now provide Direct Response Marketing consulting services for small businesses, professional practices, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs. I am intimately involved in their business almost as if they were my own. So far, I’ve been able to generate well over eight figures in sales for private clients and myself.


I tell you this for one purpose: so you know that what you will find in this blog is grounded in real passion, life experience, and repetitive success. So you can confidently invest your time, energy, effort, and money on the implementation of the free information I am sharing with you here.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better, and I truly hope you find value in the information I will be sharing on my personal blog.


Here is to your success, so you can get the happiness, freedom and business growth that you so richly deserve.



Tony Aveiro